McDonalds China - Big Mac Macho Campaign

We all have different views of what a Macho personality is or who it is. However, to most of us, our Father represents the ultimate Macho hero!

What is your father’s Macho personality?
What makes him Macho !?

McDonald’s Beef Campaign features a way for users to pay tribute their Macho Dad !

The site uses interaction between smart phone and browser. Users can literally "throw" words off the phone onto the screen.

All hosted and built on Sina Weibo.


Role: Creative Director


  McDonalds Big Mac





















McDonald's – Own the Night

McDonald's in China prides itself on being one of the few delivery services operating around the clock every day. Our digital campaign included a variety of contextual online advertising which focussed on targeting late night orders.

For example, many young Chinese stay up late to watch the UK premiership football (online) at weekends, so, 30 minutes before half-time they would be presented with banners saying "order now for your half-time meal".

An app allowed users to literally pick food items out of the sky using their smartphone, and if they caught a shooting star, they would be rewarded with free meals.


Role: Creative Director


  Own the night










Dulux Colour Chooser

With so many colours out there, users are often unsure how to choose. We decided to help the descision making process by offering them a tool to help make the correct choices.

Our application analysed their question reponses and gave recommendations.

A Feng Shui compass app would then show the user which wall should be which colour, all selected from their personal palette.


Role: Creative Director / Designer













Soya Milk Launch - China

To celebrate the launch of warm Soya Milk in the winter in China we created a mobile coupon which activated when the user held their thumbs on the screen, hugging their phone just like a cup of warm Soya Milk on a cold morning!

The coupon then activated and was only valid for the next 30 minutes, just enough time for you to get to your closest McDonalds store.

Location based services allowed us to control the timing perfectly.

Role: Creative Director


  McDonalds Soya Milk


































Beetle "First Impressions"

This was a range of print adverts for VW China, all related to getting "in-shape" and "dating"

Young men in China vastly out-number the women, so in order to stand-out in from the crowd you have to make a great first impression and have a sense of fun.
The campaign was co-branded with adidas originals.

Role: Creative Director


  VW Beetle




















Electrolux Little Secrets

This integrated project for Electrolux centered around the fact that we all have little secrets which help us in the kicthen and home. Many of these secrets are passed down through generations. (like old wives tales)

Our secret are the products themselves. With so many functions, Electrolux takes care of the hard work and makes you look good!

Role: Creative Director
























VW Beetle – Get in shape

Get in shape is a fun way to get fit together with friends.

Users can select a 1.4km sections of the map to run and then ask their friends to complete similar runs to make certain shapes on the map.

Everything done retro co-branded with adidas originals.

Role: Creative Director




















DENON China – The Sound of Experience

This Integrated proposal to DENON China featured a variety of ideas based around the pure sound of DENON products.

Offline activities included a "Silent" flashmob-style party, where participants wear the new lineup of DENON headphones on the street and dance to different types of music. The proposed website and mobile app would track the spread of music across different cities in China.

Role: Creative Director






































DENON China – The Sound of Experience

This campaign was part of an Integrated creative proposal to Michelin in China. The proposal was focused on introducing and launching a new CRM system for the Chinese market.

A variety of elements were created including full branding, welcome pack, website, app and store-based advertising materials.

Role: Creative Director











































The Pulse of Singapore

This campaign was to align with the ATL campaign "hows your day looking"

Using a custom algorith from Brandtology the application scans facebook and twitter feeds across the country and uses the data to create a "live" happiness meter. (just like a weather report)

The feed indicates the current happiness level in Singapore.


Link to live site (facebook)

Role: Creative Director












Johnson & Johnson Acuvue - Be Free Be Me

We ran a large campaign in SIngapore looking for the next Acuvue star! Contestants were asked to take part by uploading their submissions via a facebook application.

Users could also view and vote for their favorite entries.

The campaign was supported by print materials and we also ran activations at local universities where hundreds of students took part and were offered free trials.

current promotion ended

Role: Creative Director








Nippon Paint 50th Anniversary

Nippon Paint asked us to come up with a complete strategy for increasing brand awareness in Asia Pacific at the time of their 50th anniversary in the region.

Our concept was "The Gift of Colour"

The idea was based around a record breaking event for charity where users could "buy" paint tins online which would be donated to Habitat for Humanity to help paint schools and homes in various areas of Asia.

Donations would be made by QR code and website.


Creative Concept / Graphic Design

  Nippon Paint









Akebono Biography

I was introduced to the famous 64th Yokozuna, Akebono Taro, by some friends in Tokyo and Singapore.

Akebono asked me to create a presentation of his life and career, visualised as a digital photographic biography for use in presentations and promotions.

The presentation, designed for use on iPad 3 retina display, features images from Akebono's youth as a rising Sumo star, up until his present focus in Zero1 Pro Wrestling.


Role: Creative Director / Designer / Writer



JR Duty Free - Auckland (pitch)

As part of the pitch to JR Duty Free, my role was to highlight how the shopping experience could be enhanced using mobile technology.

The examples on the right show uses of a location based discount coupon and an augmented reality "try before you buy" watch browser.


Creative Direction / Interface Design

  JR Duty Free

Acuvue Korea - CRM flash microsite for New Wearers

Acuvue for you.

As part of our regional remit for Johnson & Johnson Acuvue, we designed and developed a CRM platform where contact lens users could get up-to-date information during their first challenging 30 days using lenses.

The site contained tips for wearing and helpful videos which changed during the 30 days.


Digital Creative Direction


Reebok - Reetone People

Reebok have been very successfull with their Reetone range of products.

With so many success stories out there, the Reebok team wanted a way for people to share their fitness and weight loss stories and also for the Reetone store staff to connect with them.

Our solution was "Reetone People", a social forum where stories win prizes and store staff are moderators.



Creative Director



dyson DC12 microsite

dyson's DC12 model features "no loss of suction" when compared with other leading models.

When asked to create a site that explained this, we decided to take the risk, and do a lab comparison with Japanese models.

The models were sent to be compared in a lab in France and the results were used by us to build
a flash-based vacuum cleaner comparison interface where users entered their existing model and witnessed an animation.


Creative Director


FIAT Caffé Tokyo – Flash 3D Website

FIAT launched their caffé on Aoyama-dori in Tokyo.

The Caffé has been a huge success in Tokyo, and we were asked to broaden the number of visitors.

Our concept was to create an online version of the caffé where anyone in the world could experience the music and atmosphere of the caffé as well as finding out up-to-date information about events and booking.



Creative Director



Audi R8 V10 Virtual Launch

To launch the new Audi R8 V10 model in Japan, Audi decided to hold a VIP event at their famous Audi Forum in central Tokyo.
Our task was to invite the general public to the same event...

Using the architects building plans we created a virtual version of the Forum and it's contents, and staged a "Virtual Launch".

This project was the subject of an article (Japanese) in Nikkei Design magazine.


Creative Director

  Audi R8 Launch

COACH Japan e-commerce launch promotion

Via US direction, COACH Japan decided to launch their online store in Japan.

Our launch concept was to enlighten consumers to the fact that all 500+ products could now be purchased online.
The work featured the underlying theme of 500+ products. The posters featured QR codes built from products which sent users to the domain if they photographed the poster with their mobile phone.

Creative Director


Volkswagen Polo GTI Microsite

Volkswagen's Polo GTI was launched to appeal to the younger generation.

Our mission was to create a flash mini-site which aimed at capturing their attention.
Our concept was aimed at focussing on the gaming generation and we created an interface to match that style.
The site featured a voice guide and a virtual drive video.


Creative Director

  VW Polo GTI

Gillette Fusion 5+1 Social Concept

Gillette became involved in a "blade war" with their competitors. The products were competing for who had the most blades.

Our concept was to move away from the blade war and focus on grooming. The idea was to create a face challenge website where young men could get their friends to vote for them online in various face battles. Finalists would be given Fusion products as prizes.

Creative Concept / Interface Design


iPhone Application Concept

Japan is one of the most prone areas in the world to earthquakes. Most households keep earthquake kits handy in case of a disaster.

This concept is a virtual quake kit.
This application,
when triggered, would set the phone to emergency mode, and would offer a variety of emergency features, the most important being automatic GPS location sharing and automatic wake-up alarm via motion sensor.

Creative Concept / Icon Set Design


Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive

With the huge sales in HSD models, Toyota wanted to share the news with the world.

We came up with the idea of installing "live" digital signage at various locations across Tokyo where the actual number of CO2 Emissions reduced would be shown.

Creative Director

  Toyota HSD

AVAYA Connections

AVAYA in Japan were falling behind other telecommunications products with their brand awareness.

To answer their concerns, we came up with two campaigns which were focused on the target market, middleweight IT management.

Campaign one involved a banner campaign and minisite showing how connectivity helps the Honda F1 team. Prizes were awarded to applicants on the site.

Campaign 2 focused on baseball and travel, showing how important it is to connect with colleagues / team mates.

Creative Concept / Design / Animation


Volkswagen New Beetle Cabriolet

Volkswagen were looking for a way to appeal to the younger generation with their New Beetle Cabriolet model.

Our concept was called "The Joy is in the Journey"

The site featured illustrated animated scenes depicting various journeys, such as "to work" or "to the beach".

We also created a screensaver, game, desktop images and e-cards.


Creative Concept / Design / Illustration

  VW New Beetle Cabriolet

FIAT Caffé Yuigahama Beach

With the success of the Tokyo caffé, FIAT opened a summer beach caffé in Yuigahama Beach, a couple of hours from Tokyo.

Our mission was to drive visitors to the Caffé and create a connection with people back in Tokyo.

Our concept was to create a live link to the Caffé. We arranged a digital connection to the beach and installed 2 webcams and a beach blog computer for 2-way chat via the website.


Creative Director


AICHI Expo British Paviliion

We were awarded the task of designing the website for the British Embassy Pavillion at the Aichi Expo in Japan.

Our focus was innovation with nature.
The site featured videos of installations, a 3D isometric interface, and our friendly Gecko.
(rollover the image on the right to meet him)

Creative Director


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AVIRA Software Notifiers / Web Banners

When AVIRA launched in Japan they asked us to create a range of graphics to use as software notifier screens and also on their new Japan website.

We proposed a variety of imagery mainly focussing on protection and Japan.

Creative Director / Designer


Disney Japan Mobile Site

Disney Japan needed a way to advertise their vast range of mobile content for the various different mobile carriers in Japan.

We created a template system to display different content for each mobile browser type.

Users could download all the latest characters and screensavers for their handsets simply by emailing them to their phone.

Creative Director / Design / Animation

  Disney Mobile

Digital Concept Lifecycle

Personal project. Chart to illustrate the vital elements of a digital concept.

Creative Concept / Design

  Digital Lifecycle

Volkswagen Tokyo Motor Show

Volkswagen's Motor Show is a purpose built unit which travels the world visiting various locations.

Our concept was to try and reflect the fact that a piece of the VW factory was coming to Japan.

The site featured an isometric interface with custom recorded podcasts for each model.

Creative Director / Design / Animation

  VW Motorshow
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